What else don’t we know about Neil Gorsuch?

What else don’t we know about Neil Gorsuch?

Plagiarism accusations unearthed after Gorsuch gave “cagey answers” to “softball” questions at Senator Grassley’s cakewalk Judiciary Committee hearing

Iowans are speaking out, and wondering what else they don’t know about Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch after accusations of past plagiarism were revealed in recent days. This type of background information would normally be unearthed during the Judiciary Committee hearing, but Senator Chuck Grassley has also received criticism for holding hearings that have been described as a cakewalk, with the Senator himself asking softball questions.

“As the Senate steamrolls toward confirming Judge Gorsuch, what else don’t we know?” asked Matt Sinovic, member of the Why Courts Matter Iowa coalition. “Plagiarism charges, cagey answers to questions, and being appointed by a President under investigation for ties to Russia are just too much. It’s time to pause this nomination, until we know more about Judge Gorsuch than Senator Grassley’s softball hearings uncovered.”

“All but one of the current Supreme Court Justices received at least 60 votes,” said Chris Schwartz, Black Hawk County Supervisor and Why Courts Matter Iowa member. “As Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said, in the Senate it takes 60 votes on controversial matters. Now Senator Grassley and the Republican majority are considering changing the rules of the game because they don’t have the votes for President Trump’s nominee. That’s not how the Senate is supposed to work.”

The United States Senate is expected to vote on the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch by the end of the week, after the Judiciary Committee moved his nomination forward on a party line vote Monday.

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